Lucy Clark is a "Hand Build" Potter.

Each pot is built in the coil method, one layer at a time.  It is then embellished or carved and set to dry for a month before it is fired. 

The firing process involves bringing the kiln up very slowly to a temperature of around 1300 degrees and then it is turned off and watched until it hits 990 degrees.  At that crucial point, the piece is lifted out with Kevlar gloves and placed in sawdust to “smoke” the pot in the old Pueblo style tradition.  Lucy uses no glazes in her process.  The sheen from some of her pots comes from burnishing (polishing) the piece with a small quartz stone until it is smooth and silky to the touch. This has to be done within a small window of time – if the clay is too wet it will leave grooves, if it is too dry it will scratch the surface.

Each piece is different in its aesthetic. Lucy pulls from her many years as a massage therapist and touching people to listen to what the clay wants to be and how it wishes to be transformed into shape in the physical universe.

Lucy also creates mixed media jewelry - combining her love of clay with her obsession of stones as well as delving into photography!


Cathryn P. Cooper

Cathryn was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She displayed talent at an early age and began private instruction with Atlanta artist Kathryn Burke at age 6. She continued her studies of drawing and painting and earned a scholarship to Atlanta College of Art, now SCAD, in 1976. After graduating in 1980 with a BFA in Fine Arts, her main focus was drawing, painting and photography. With a love of music and theatre as well, she maintained her involvement in the arts community working at the Robert W. Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta.

Cathryn has participated in shows throughout the southeast and in 1993, she won a competition sponsored by Argo Wiggins, parent company of Arches Paper. In celebration of their 500 year anniversary of the Arches paper mill in Epinal, France, she personally presented her winning entry to them which now hangs in the mill’s headquarters. In addition to her painting, her award winning photography is another voice for her expression. Cathryn’s art continues to evolve. She works with collage on paper and canvas using assorted materials to create elaborate mixed media pieces. Her inspiration is derived from found objects, combining them as totems in collage. She is returning to her roots of drawing. Birds and animals are a common interest. She is inspired by the light in North Carolina mountain landscapes. Her most recent work combines acrylic and graphite on canvas.


Gloria Martin

Gloria Martin has been a creative spirit since childhood.But it wasn’t until later in life, after a move from New York to Florida, that Gloria's work as a display designer with a national retailer garnered her recognition as a mixed media artist. Since then, Gloria Martin has exhibited and sold her work in art shows and private galleries throughout Southern and Central Florida including Mount Dora, as well as in Asheville, North Carolina. As a student of Healing Touch, she brings that wisdom and experience into her explorations of varied techniques in painting, journals, and mixed media art. Art for Gloria is a form of personal, intuitive expression. “More often than not,” Gloria says, “Spiritual contemplation is my guide, shaped by my eclectic, colorful interpretations of life, humanity, purpose within.”

Her art is currently on display in Trackside Studio in the River Arts District in Asheville, and in Artists @ Work Studio and Gallery in Brevard, NC.

I have been sketching, painting, and creating art from a very young age. A life long passion which inevitably led to a career as a Display Designer, and hence a self taught Multi Media artist.

My work includes a variety of subjects interpreted through figurative paintings, portraiture, abstracts, fiber art, and one-of-a-kind wearable art statement pieces. Though much of what I create may seem to suggest feminine beauty, every creation holds a far deeper significance.

Each piece inevitably evolves from a deeply empathetic, personal, and collective wellspring of emotion, all relatable experiences that speak to sociopolitical, domestic, and environmental issues both past, and present.

As such, creativity, and art making has become a most intimate form of visual, and social communication on my part. It remains a tangible expression of praise, or protest, allegiance or rebellion, and as my constant prayer for universal healing.

Art is my voice, my sanctuary, and my sacred journey”.

~ Gloria Martin